The Hair Club in Donnybrook Dublin 4 specialises in natural looking hair pieces for clients that suffer with Alopecia. Our team have over 30 years experience in this field. Alopecia is a hair loss condition that effects thousands of men and women across Ireland. The aim of our website is to provide information and feedback to online users that have this condition. We would like to invite you to post your story on our forum to let your voice be heard. .

Alopecia Areata is a condition that causes small circular patches of hair loss around the head area. This condition has been linked to autoimmune diseases where by the hair root is attacked by this disease. In many cases there is a family history of alopecia which effects around 2% of the population where the catalyst is still unknown. In many cases the hair may grow back again but can appear thinner.

Alopecia Totalis is where entire hair loss occurs around the head and facial area. This can have considerably effects on a persons lifestyle as the signs are so visible. In many cases the eyebrows and eyelashes can also be effected.

Alopecia Universalis translated means universal hair loss around the entire body, this is the most aggressive form of alopecia. There can be a generic link in many cases with this condition and some people may have some side effect's as the lack of hair can cause sunburn or harmful elements like bacteria entering the body through the nose etc...

Alopecia Areata

Amanda has severe Alopecia covering large areas at the back of her head. This initially started to show when Amanda was about 18 years of age in only small sections of her hair but progressively got worse through the years. In our video above you can see The Hair Club team apply a Volumizer human hair piece which we cut and style.

Hair Club

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