Clients: Donna

Displayed in the photo's above is a recent client called Donna who has thinning hair. Donna came to Hairspray when we were filming a hair loss piece for TV3 Xpose. Donna told us she never went out as she was to embaraced about her apperance. After a consultation we decided to use clip-in hair piece to create the volume and style Donna was looking for. After we finished the show that evening, Donna phoned her boyfriend and said "book a restaurant, we're going out", she felt so good about herself.

Style 1: 100% Human Hair Piece €650

Four weeks later Donna came back to us for a colour, wash and blow dry, as she was going to New York for a holidays and would like to have long hair. We used a synthetic clip-in piece which costs €29 to add that extra length to her hair.

Style 2: Hairspray Clip-In Synthetic Piece €29